Sunday, January 01, 2012

A new year post

As the new year dawns,
     we wish to wish;
Some for joy,
   and some, wealth;
Some for time,
   and some, health;
Some for love,
   and some, peace;
Some for action,
   and some, quiet;
Some for goals,
   and some, none.
May your apt wishes come true,
   when the night is still blue.

I have not been active in the latter half of the year past, either to post or to reply to posts. Just a tad busy in my world, work and home, in what I might say as being in waxing and waning cycles of cheer. My Google Reader is still actively tracking posts, though the frequency of me reading and following through with comments have reduced to a trickle. I hope that this phase blows over. Not that I am glum these days, but the enthusiasm has plummeted.

Mid-life blues? Maybe, and who knows, and who cares! :-) Welcome 2012!