Monday, February 21, 2011

Une potion de légumes

Ever tried doing a sambar with the following medley of veggies; broccoli, baby corn, onions, peas, bamboo shoots, carrots, red peppers etc? Hee Hee Hee, I did one and I liked it, courtesy the MTR sambar mix which sambarizes the veggies from their tasteless individual avatars into an encompassing aroma and nose-watering pungency of the sambar.

It is said that certain types of wines enhance the flavor of certain types of food and vice versa. Wonder what would be the right pairing for southie meals. Water!!! Being starved of certain food makes you crave more for it maybe.

Anyway, hail MTR and its cousins...


TheUncanny said...

i like the word -- sambarizes

Ramesh said...

Ha Ha ! Now, what did Senora think of this valiant attempt ????

Swaram said...

LOL! Realllly? Nanu try madtini :P :P

zeno said...

did you like the taste or the looks ???? a pic would have done justice. we once (in fact more than once) mixed wine in to wat ever we cooked. :) ;)

gils said...

neenga panna itemku post titlea vachirukarathu thaan namea? raising the bar nu kelvi patruken..unga sambarla bar romba thooram raise aidichi nenakren..must've been some bar!!! combination paatha MTR mix mahtiri ila NTR mix mathirina iruku!! :)

Anonymous said...

Good that you have tried some cooking.But once when i went short of home made sambar n rasam powder i bought MTR and did not liked it a bit.Not sure if they have changed the formula now.
And in your combo of legumes i have added everything but broccoli and bamboo shoots.carrot red pepper,onion peas and baby corn is my fav choice most of the times.
So this cooking happened in Amreeka?

RamMmm said...

@TheUncanny-Ennanga romba naala aalayae kaanOm. Welcome back. :-)

@Ramesh-Senora knows of this only over Skype. She'd like it anyway. :) The only thing I do back there is roast dosai. In the US on a short visit. So, experimentation!

@Swaram-:-D :-D Try at your own discretion. naanu jawabdhaari illa. Ha Ha Ha (it did taste good though)

@zeno-What photo? Before I finished the boiling routine, slurps were going into my mouth. No thoughts of photo at that time. Food-o-food because hungry-o-hungry.

Hey! that allusion to wine and food was only that. I am still a teetotaller and will probably always be that. illainna Senora moonjila muzhikka mudiyaadhu. :-)

Enna oru idea, soak/add in wine and cook. I've to be careful with common cooked food then. :-D

@gils-sambar in the title is most likely to be understood as a type of deer (enakku irukkura International audience is only the trolls and robots peddling viagra or movie rips or adding some junk thalai kaal illaadha comments). adhanaala adhai Frenchize panninaen. :-D MTRoh NTRoh, saapdarappo saapdanum, ohdurappo ohdanum, avvlo thaan. zimble philosophy.

bar bar nahi bathao. See my comment to zeno. naanga ellam romba nallavanga. bar pakkam pona theru thaan veedu. namakku andha vinayae vaendampaa. :)

@ambulisamma-It was MTR sambar mix. :-) onnum illaadhadhukku something is better. yup-yup. on a short trip to my company HQ.

zeno said...

பசி ருசியறியாதுன்னு சொல்வாங்க ;)

First Wine is not alcohol, It is just a grape juice.

BTW Alcohol Smell, Lufhtansa/British Airways/Jet Airways Flight பிடிச்சு Bangalore வரைக்கும் வருமா என்ன?[search for ninaithaley inikum comedy ;)]
Pl don't tell her that i told this. Dont wanna jeopardize getting good dosa, just in case if i drop by!

This Wine cooking was later, not when you were there but next day afternoon, it was served to many in office.

zeno said...

அப்புறம் கண்ணாடியில நம்ம முகம் பாத்து முழிச்சா ரொம்ப நல்லதுன்னு சொல்வாங்க ;)

அப்புறத்திற்கு அப்புறம், தாமரையிலைத் தண்ணீர் போல பாருக்கு போயும் பெக் அடிக்காதவர்களே திறமையான குடிமக்கள்ன்னு சொல்வாங்க.

zeno said...

அப்புறம் கண்ணாடியில நம்ம முகம் பாத்து முழிச்சா ரொம்ப நல்லதுன்னு சொல்வாங்க ;)

அப்புறத்திற்கு அப்புறம், தாமரையிலைத் தண்ணீர் போல பாருக்கு போயும் பெக் அடிக்காதவர்களே திறமையான குடிமக்கள்ன்னு சொல்வாங்க.

R-ambam said...

wer r u ? thats a crazy bunch of veggies for a sambhar. Please explain the title :)) I m learning spanish ,plz :)

RamMmm said...

@zeno-Yes yes, wine is not alcohol. It is just fermented grape juice. :-) :-) alcohol smell varaadhu. Behavior changelaendhu easyaa therinjudum. Women can easily sniff those things out. :-D

Your dosai is jeopardized by your comment. :-)

Romba 'bar' paththi paesinaa ennai veetlaendhu 'bar' panniduvaanga.

@R-ambam-vera enga. Unga oorla (US) thaan irukkaen. Experimenting!!!

As for the title, No es el español. El idioma es el francés. You have to be in Louisiana for that influence. :-) The title still says sambar, only in a different language. :-)

chennaigirl said...

I second r-ambam. Sambar has got its own veggies and each one gives its flavour. Ippadi aviyal maathiri podakoodaathu (pazhamudir cholai la meenthu pona kaikariyaaa ore packet la sale pannuvaanga- athu maathiri yaa?)
I hope senora reads comments as well.:-P

RamMmm said...

@chennaigirl-Oru manushan aedhaavadhu research (!!!) panni kandu pidikka udamaatteengalae. :-D :-D

yeppo paaththaalum sambarukku urulaikizhangu or vengayam or poosanikkaai or beans vagayaraa vagayaraa thaan use pannanumaa? Experiment pannunga enna maadhiri (anyway aathu and P are there for you to test on :) :))