Sunday, June 19, 2011

What was that?

In the age of children or in the aggressiveness of youth, under an argument or a fight, the following statements are typically uttered.

Saami (or Amma) saththiyama sollu nee idhai pannalai?  [Promise on God (or Mother) (or colloquially, God promise), you never did it?]
Veliya vaadaa, naan gavanichchukkaraen [Come outside bugger, you'll be taken care of (as a dare)]
Dhairiyam irundhaa, irundhu sandai poduraa [If you have the guts, stand and fight] 

I did a double take and ROTFL when I saw the following ad in the newspaper yesterday. Either the CM of Karnataka is naive to wage war with the wily ex-CM in the name of God or his IQ has inched negatively as he aged. Looks like this tête-à-tête is lined for June 27. Oh boy! Who said politics here is drab? With folks like these, it is hilarity at its best. India rocks. :-) :-).


Ramesh said...

Ha Ha Ha. Unbelievable. Nobody can say politics is boring after this.

I can't believe he did this.

zeno said...

Ah what will you say, while the challenged one has indeed accepted the challenge. HKD did accept it right?
Aren't you following churumuri and sans serif? I thought you were the one who introduced me those blogs.
They profile Yedddy and Karnataka politics better than any one.

Feel happy you are ruled by a youth filled CM ;)

BTW did you see the warm regards from Kerala :P

Probably he believes in அரசன் அன்று கொல்வான் தெய்வம் நின்று கொல்லும்!

RS said...


First thought that hit me was: What would have Kalaignar done if he had not propagated atheism, if he had not followed Periyar......

RamMmm said...

@Ramesh-:-D :-D What more can I say?

@zeno-:-) I referred to that acceptance implicitly in the 'tête-à-tête' part. I didn't introduce you to churumuri, you introduced them to me. :-) Yeddy/HDK are both baddies according to them. Will be fun to see what he says about this latest ego-clash.
Maybe he is enjoying a vacation at Kerala and rejuvenating to take on HDK at Dharmasthala.
Arasiyal thamaashngaradhu idhu thaana. :-)

@RS-:-) Kalaignar would have made an oath on Periyar or Anna who are long gone, if he had a chance. He can always speak in all colors. :-)

Swaram said...

Errr? What?

Swaram said...

LOL and I see him rejuvenating too ;) Kotakkal Arya Vaidya Shala ha ha ha!

Now, let me go book my tickets to witness this in action :P