Monday, October 31, 2011

Chennaiyil Oru Mazhaikkaalam

Deepavali day (Wed, 26-Oct-11), around 2:00 pm at the Marina beach
[Click to view at a better size]
Panorama stitch using Microsoft Image Composite Editor of 5 individual photos taken in sequence

Nice horizon contrast with the northern side being bright and blue and the southern side growling dark with grey.

But, where were the crowds?

Maybe the plethora of TV movies kept them glued, or the new film releases kept them screened, or the intermittent rains reined them in, or the festival hogging kept them in sloth!

The beach looked fine from afar, but where the waves lapped, it was definitely yuck. Junk and garbage throughout, including an animal carcass. Less of plastic though, but lots of other junk. Maybe we (the people) will learn its value only after we lose it.

Spent around 45 minutes at the beach and as we returned back home, it poured for an hour or so. Guess we were plain lucky that day!

Note: The picture resolution and hence quality is reduced as to not tax the Indian Internet. :-)


RS said...

The lack of resolution cannot reduce the quality of RamMmm's picture :). Uh-oh, I got the panorama stitch only later :)

Let the mazhaikaalam of Chennai wait, where had YOU been all these months?? Hope all is well?? Hoping to see you more often from now...

RamMmm said...

:-) You should not pull the rug under my feet like this. :-)

I was on a happenstance hibernation. Things are just normal, the same as it was a quarter back. Thanks for asking. There was a short burst of hectic work and the afterburn took away some more time and rest was just a laze out. :)

Sure. Hopefully I'll not have large hibernatorial periods. :-)

Appu said...

1)Welcome Back
2)In Chennai, daily மழைக்காலம் தான் இப்ப எல்லாம் :)
3)The beach timings to general public is between 5-9 A.M and 3-9 P.M. Rest of the time are for ... Hmm you should be knowing since you went until the waves :)

Ramesh said...

The Senor is back. Yay ! Really missed you.

What sir, doing in Marina beach on Diwali day ????

gils said...

hey rammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....welgum back :) paarunga neenga illaama ennoda ram storiesum stop aadichi :)

RamMmm said...

@Appu/zeno-:-) Thanks. Deepavali, 2:00 pm. Not hot at all. Beach visituuku edhukku timing. Didn't see those 'use the beach to coochie-coo' couples. :-D

@Ramesh-Thanks sire! :-) Thought will go for a walk in the beach after a nice Deepavali lunch at the Deccan Plaza hotel. :-)

@gils-danksu danksu. Aanaalum unga Ram kadhaikku ennai poyi saakkaa maati udureenga. ;-)

Swaram said...

Welcome back :)))
Beach and rains - what a lovely combo!:)

Swaram said...

Oh! And the less plastic is something to celebrate :D

RamMmm said...

@Swaram-Welcome back to you too. :) As long as I don't get wet, beach and rains are very welcome. :)

Yep, hope the plastics reduce to as minimum as it can be. :) What we save in plastic, we burn it somewhere else. :D