Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Those Wordpress snowflakes!

What is it with that slow shower of snowflakes on some Wordpress blogs? Most of the Wordpress blogs I saunter into, have those floaters and it is really distracting. :-(

Reminds me of a TV ad somewhere, where an insect crawls across the TV screen slowly while the ad is on (the insect crawling is a part of the ad itself), but you can get fooled into thinking that it is a real insect that is walking on your TV screen. I would be very tempted to brush it off with my hand or swat it whenever I see that. Aargh!!!

Mmm...  And not to mention that the snow-flakes widget is also a CPU hog. :-(


gils said...

??!!! nallathaananga iruku :) it looks cool in a way

RamMmm said...

I am already distracted and this one is another sloowwww distraction add-on. I don't know if the widget allows you to control the rate (it should), but it is really a shower in a few places.

I tend to watch where the flakes go and guess the algorithm for randomness. :-)

Hopefully people pull it off when Christmas/New Year passes by or at least after Groundhog day. Snow flakes forever? No way.

Nothing else, sire. Everything looks good only in moderation. :-)

gils said...

//I tend to watch where the flakes go and guess the algorithm for randomness. ://

!!!!! deivamay...neenga inga iruka vendia aalay ila!!!

RamMmm said...

:-) :-) Look at my profile statement.

Srivats said...

agree to gils 100% but i give u one tip, if u are annoyed by something just force urself to see more of it and u would be fine :) works for me :)

RamMmm said...

No Srivats. I'd rather ignore that irritant than forcing myself to like it. :) Most of the blogs I 'watch' are already in Google Reader and I get the feeds. It is only on the random blogs that I get on that I see the 'distraction'. :)

RamMmm said...

I was on my company's intranet home in the morning (geez, I don't even visit it these days)and there I saw the flakes again. I was okay with it. The screen flakes were large and I could see the crystalline structure, there were no more than 3 on the screen at any point and the drifts were easy to decipher. :) Now, I like that. :-)