Friday, June 18, 2010

Short Takes

Some movies seen over the past few weeks.

Avatar - Nothing more to comment since I may be one of the last folks to see it in blogdom. I am awed at the sheer poetic imagination and technical wizardry...

The Twilight Saga:New Moon - Part-2 of the series. Slower and longer than the first one, but holds interest overall. (At times so slow, that I got an urge to take a log and whack Bella Swan, the protagonist in the movie, to speed it up :-D) And I have to point out the music score and the soundrack for a special mention. Simply soaring!!! I had goosebumps at some of the score pieces. The locations are so damn beautiful (Vancouver). Perpetually cloudy/rainy with short bursts of sunlight and the damp dense woods. Perfect for the gloomy setting of the movie.

Interestingly, an Indian company, Prime Focus, was involved with the visual effects for both the films above. 10% of Avatar's and 80% of New Moon's effects were done by them.

Mussanjē Maathu (Twilight Talk) - A 2008 Kannada movie. Was inspired to watch it for its intriguing title and lovely songs (Music by Sridhar) that I hear now and then on the FM channels at Bengaluru. Story-line slightly inspired by Lage Raho Munnabhai. A RJ falls in love with a girl he meets incidentally, but doesn't disclose it until the girl is getting married, meanwhile withdrawing into a shell when he comes to know that the girl is planning to get married to someone. Déjà vu, anyone? Decent performances though, by Sudeep and Ramya (aka Divya Spandana in Tamil) and free publicity for Radio Mirchi. Watchable once.

Gaalipata (Kite) - A 2008 Kannada movie from Yograj Bhat who gave the blockbuster Mungāru Malē (meaning Monsoon Rain, in 2007, which had scintillating music by US based Mano Murthy). Here, 3 guys are off to a hilly place to escape the city. Meet 3 contrasting girls there. Woo them. What else? Guess!!! :-) Lovely locales (Kodachadri mountains near Kollur) and the beautiful Shivanasamudram falls (Gaganachukki and Barachukki) seen gushing from a different angle. (Yograt Bhat showed the Jog falls for the first time from the top angle in Mungāru Malē and it looked angelic). Music by Harikrishna is good. Ganesh, the main hero (unconventional, he is) does quite an amount of motor-mouthing (almost like a vuvuzela drone or like Chennai FM radio jockey Suchi [Hee hee hee at the dig, but isn't she one heck of a motor mouth?] ) and gluttonous. (Señora noted aside, that he imitates Vijay (gasp!)) Others have done their parts fairly well. Despite some stereotyping, a good watch.

I am amazed that singers like Sonu Nigam or Shreya Ghoshal, who do not know to speak or understand Kannada, do significant justice to the songs while singing. All the hit songs from the above Kannada movies, award winners included, have been sung by either or both of them.


Ramesh said...

Watched them all on the plane back home ???

Swaram said...

Have not seen Mussanje-Maatu .. Galipata is nice :)

So rt abt them singing Kannada songs though .. they r really gud :)

zeno said...

Technical Wizardry-Ahem yes
Poetic imagination!? sense of humor huh?;)
I think you can run a parallel KMDB ;)

gils said...

mungaru male songs..awesome..oru vari kuda purila..but still loved them :) nt much of a kannada movie matha movies pathi no idea. u bk in blore?

ambulisamma said...

U r good in time management.As always i cant realte much.

chennaigirl said...

Ithula onnu kooda enakku theriyaathu. Shreya , i think she strives hard irrespective of the language to get the pronounciation right - IMO

RamMmm said...

Kind of busy over these days and hence the random responses.

@Ramesh - First 2, yes, last 2, no. :-)

@Swaram - I expected more from Mussanje Maathu. :) Gaalipata was indeed a light fluffy movie. :)

I feel Sonu Nigam should change his singing style in Kannada. The kind of songs he sings here are almost of the same type. :(

@zeno - Poets (and artists) are the guys with a wacko (or completely different) sense and style of imagination. I kind of alluded to it. :-D

You mentioned IMDB, I presume. :-) :-) அந்த அளவுக்கு நான் இல்லை. :-)

@gils - Mungaru Male songs were indeed awesome. I was floored the first time I heard it. Swept me off. :) [I am slightly better off than you in that I understand Kannada to a fair extent]

@ambulisamma - Neenga thaan mechchikkanum. :D :D I am absolutely bad there. Indha reviews ellaam random recollections.

@chennaigirl - You should know of Avatar at least. Others can be excused. :-)

RamMmm said...

@chennaigirl - And yes, Shreya does a pretty good job at it and her voice is marvellous.