Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Unworded - Plane view - Crop Circles

Surprised how the farmers find time to do the patterns as these
Shot using Nokia N73, Downsized/adjusted with Picasa 3

This picture was taken approximately half an hour later on the same flight path of where this picture was taken. This region is the bread basket of the US.


zeno said...

Unworded nu heading pottutu, ivla words pottu irukinga ;)

In our office, the pebbles[white and light orange brown colored stones] that are under the stair case are decorated in designs on a daily basin!

RS said...

Good enough for designs on men's (Ramarajan variety) shirts :P

//Surprised how the farmers find time to do the patterns as these//
So am I!! Talk about this to Indian farmers/agriculturists, atleast 90% will shun it off with a "I'll better spend time qualitatively than doing such a 'junk'" response.

RamMmm said...

@zeno-Andha pictureai paaththuttu bath tile designnu nenaichchiruvaangalaeynnu thaan wordy explanation. :-) Indha exceptionai mannichchu utturunga. :)

Yaarunga adhu, unga officela stone aligning and design ellaam pannuradhu? Engineersaa? Avungalukku oru automated mail anuppanum. :) [Onam timela flower designs on floor paaththirukkaen. But this, on a daily basis!!! Summa irukkura kallai summaa irukka udamaataengaraanga. :-) That needs fair amount of creativity and vision to meddle on a daily basis.]
zeno, see RS has a retro-use for those design patterns. :)

RamMmm said...

@RS-Ha Ha Ha. Apt-O-apt. :)

In the US, a few years back, this could have been hyped as an UFO visit. :-) I did see these crop circles in absolutely remote places as well. Maybe it is a fashion to till and irrigate your land in a crop-circle fashion. :-)

Looks nice from 33000 feet above MSL though. :)

Swaram said...


TheUncanny said...

wow jus wow...look at the perfect circles..oru mega size geomentry-compass vechu poduvangalo...chanceilla..

Ramesh said...

Some learned deductions from this series of posts

- American stewardesses are not pretty
- They don't serve good (any) food and wine on flights
- There are few bookstores selling thrillers in American airports
- Unlike in India, aerial photography is not banned in the US
- American obsession wuth law has not extended to confiscating N73s even if you protest that you have the airplane mode on.
- Senora / La Nina/El Nino were not there with El Maestro

RamMmm said...

@Swaram-Indeed!!! These are simple ones. Wiki for 'crop circles' and you'll see mind-blowing patterns. (all using simple geometric principles :-D)

@TheUncanny-:-D It is almost like what you say. A wooden plank, a peg, a long piece of rope, some math, and lo! you've got your own crop circle. Indiala idhu maadhiri panna "saami" vayalukku vandhuruchchunnu kelappiruvaanga. :-) Look for images of 'crop circles' after wikiing. Lovely, I'd say.

RamMmm said...

@Ramesh-Ennaa saar idhu. :-) Ramesh passes with distinction in his deduction.
#1 - True, almost. :-D [gupshup to avoid libel]
#2 - Definitely. They give peanuts. (only peanuts and pretzels with cola/juice) Even for ear-phones, 2 bucks and that too via credit card only. :-) Oh! those airlines. Now, there is someone who is going to charge for cabin bags as well. gasp!
#3 - Cha Cha! I don't enter into bookstores. I read the airline magazines end to end (even if in French) and solve crosswords and kids page puzzles as well if I have to. :)
#4 - Yes, it isn't. I thought you can do that in India as well; recollect doing that sometime back. Only in airports, photography is not permitted. (If India still doesn't allow it, we can anyway use Google Earth to snap photos. :-))
#5 - Hee Hee Hee. Is that experience speaking? Did they confiscate your phone anytime? Almost every other person on the flight had a phone (iPhone/Samsung/BlackBerry) in flight mode and if you wanted to be still tethered, airplane WiFi was there. :-( The NY airport security confiscated my toothpaste tube saying it was large(!)
#6 - Right. :-)

zeno said...

yeah that is possible, i may something much more worse than bath tiles ;)
In the office it is done by house keeping people. too bad i dint watch it fr a long time!
ramarajana kevalapadurathula oru santhosam. avara thukki sappida neriya per vanthutanga! something tells me tat would be a good design though!
I was even thinking innum ipdi rendu post potta FBI o CIA vo ungala pudichalum pudikum nu ;)

Uttara said...

Reminds me of the DI questions with pie charts :P

Anonymous said...

oru vela signs padathula vara mathiri aliens velaya irukumo?


RamMmm said...

@zeno-:-D Ramarajan was the pioneer for current gen flashy style, wasn't he? For that matter MGR wore outlandish colors and maybe that was to show the 'colour' in the colour movies.
The designs there are a bit bland. Search for the right crop circle images. :-)
FBI or CIA edhukku ennai pidikkaraanga? Pozhudhu pogaadha vaelai. Aanaalum enna oru nalla-ennam. :)

@Uttara-Data Interpretation pie-chart on crop circles? All set to cross GMAT/CAT/blah at some point then? :)

@gils-namma oorla ippadi oru crop circle pannittu ennaththa sonnaalum nambiruvaanga. :) In movies, I can very well imagine Vadivelu being the one who reports the crop-circle, like he reports a stolen well in some movie. :D Looks there there are a few crop circles which are unexplainable and not attributed to human art mischief. (adhukku oru theory, electro-magnetic / microwave energy weapons developmentnnu)

chennaigirl said...

First it was like some modern-art. And i strongly condemn one thing - how could u ever forget vijayakanth whose costumes speak volumes enough.

ambulisamma said...

Superb pics with N73,what if you had a SLR?

RamMmm said...

@chennaigirl-I perceive Ramarajan was slightly ahead. Yaara vaenaa pottukkalaam, as long as it is on a shirt. :)

@ambulisamma-Thanks. First irukkaraththila ozhungaa photo eduppOm. then SLR (I have a film based SLR though) I was very close to buying a decent digital SLR, but held back. :(