Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Food Mélange - Data (Mis)Interpretation

Guess the day's food menu based on the following data! :-) If anyone can derive an 'acceptable for all' menu (if it does exist with this set!), they shall be awarded an MBA by this blogger.

All characters anonymized below are real and existing with the listed characteristics and under an identity protection plan. :-D

  • [C] likes idli, but [D] doesn't, [A] and [B] don't care.
  • [D] likes dosai and so do [B] and [C].
  • Crisp dosai only for [D] and need not be so for [C].
  • Toasted Bread is preferred by [D] and raw it is, for [B] and no bread for [C].
  • [B], [A] and [D] like sandwiches and [C] does not.
  • Cheese is loved by [B] and [D] and not [A] and to an extent [C].
  • Mint chutney favoured by [C] and [B], [D] doesn't care.
  • Non-hot chutney-pudi for [B] and hot molagai podi for [C] and [D] to go with idli/dosa.
  • Breakfast cereals okay for [D], [A] and [B], but not for [C].
  • No fruits for [D] except orange, fruits okay for [A],[C] and none for [B].
  • Fruit juice is okay for [B] and [C] and to a far lower extent [D] and [A].
  • Masala Dosai preferred for [B], but not for [D].
  • Coconut Chutney okay for [C] and [D] and not for [B] and [A].
  • [D] likes Dosa with Vaththa kuzhambu, but [B] hates Vaththa Kuzhambu.
  • Snake gourd curry for all but not for [C].
  • Direct roasted potato for [B] and [D] and cooked and roasted for [A].
  • Ladies' finger (Okra) fine for [C] and not for [A] and [B].
  • Ketchup with chapathi for [B], but never for [D] and [A].
  • Upma with onions hated by [C] and okay for [D], [B] and [A].
  • Rice for [A] and need not for [C] and [B].
  • Avalakki (அவல்) bhath for [C], but not for [D].
  • [B], [C] and [D] love noodles, but [A] does not.
  • [A] can live with just curd rice, but [B] runs at the sight of it.
  • [C] hates capsicum, but okay for [D] and [A].
  • Pav-Bhaji anytime for [D] and [B], but not regularly for [A].
  • Curds and rice, go well for [A] and not for [B].
  • [C] and [A] do not hate Pizza, but [B] loves them.
  • [B] and [D] love pasta, but [A] does not.
  • Chapathis anytime for [B] and [A], but not for [C].

Hmm... No wonder Señora is 'very happy' in the mornings as she plans for the day. ;-)

Note - MBA is Maestro of Breakfast/Lunch Administration


Anonymous said...

!!!! manu needhi kelvi patruken..ungaaathula menu neethi pola!!! ebaaaa...padikkavay kanna katuathay!!!

Ramesh said...

Ha Ha. All I can say is that the master of the house likes a lot of food and El Nino is taking in his footsteps :):)

RS said...

Aaaaargh!!! So much of the precious morning times of most Indian women spent in deciding the menu for the day :D. And what do men do? Simply suggest, 'Do something different/easy//Your choice'!!! I really pity Senora, knowing how difficult it is to plan for 2, leave alone 4.

Psst,psst, I have succeeded in making some of my favorites that were the 'not likes' of the husband, his likes as well :D. :wicked grin:

RamMmm said...

@gils-:-) menu illayael saappaadu illai. kudukkara deivaththu maela kovichchukka mudiyaadhu, illayaa. :-) appuram kedaikkaradhum kedaikkaadhu. Innum konja naal irukku umakku. Adhu varai enjoy!!! Appuram kanna kattum.

@Ramesh-Hee Hee Hee. :-) Master (i.e. Señora, not me) of the house knows to handle a fair amount of dishes. I only as a humble consumer, know only to finish them and maybe only help with a very few. :-D Oh! and I handle the dishes too, by soaking them in the sink. :-) :-) El Niño knows how to get his favourites made, and is a highly picky eater. :-D Once in a while, I get a call at work complaining that yucky vegetables are being given to him for lunch. :-)

@RS-:-D :-D You hit the nail on the (my) head. Ouch!!! The 'what do men do?' is absolutely right. :-) :-) It is almost never a common breakfast on any day. :-( We are like the navagraham, all having fairly different tastes and likes. To be fair, I have almost changed completely from a vegetable hater at one time to a vegetable eater now. Otherwise, I can't say to the other three :-), Look!, I am eating all these, you better too. :-)

Swaram said...

Sigh! There ws a time when Mom used to ask Dad, me and sis what we wanted to have. Our standard answer wud be 'anything' but she knew it consisted of many 'not this' and 'not that'
Sigh! Nw that I am in her place and even with only one taker, it's so damn difficult!

R-ambam said...

some people still get to eat breakfast :p how lucky ! !
enga veetla paathi naal deal.. hee hee.. irukkave irukku bread, cereal, apple ,idly, dosai..
actually idly dosai s no big deal.. its the side dish that matters most. hmm..!! nice topic u chose.. something I really didnt care for a long time but I should .

RamMmm said...

@Swaram-:-D Mothers typically know likes and dislikes of the family members. It is usually an overloaded 'anything' (anything, but x, y and z and including a, b, c). Is 'Su' difficult or is it you who makes it seem so? ;-)

@R-ambam-Yaenga, list ellam for the whole day meal, not just breakfast. Unga oorla cereal choice is pretty good, 20+ options, konja nalaikku ohttalaam. :-) Maybe innum konja naalla, you'll start to care for this. If the kids are not fussy, it is okay. Otherwise, neenga parallelism kaththukka vaendiyadhudhaan. :-)