Saturday, November 06, 2010

Unworded - As fresh as dew

ரோஜாக்களில் பன்னீர்த்துளி; வழிகின்றதேன் அது என்ன தேன்
One is obvious, Guess the other (the stalk is a giveaway)?
Imaged with a Nokia N73 in macro mode and composited using Gimp


RS said...

Lovely pics, RaMmmm. Loved the second picture best! :)

Ramesh said...

I was going to comment that it was unlikely you would see a beautiful flower in Bangalore (!!!!!!) until I read RS's comment and only then realised there were two photos !

zeno said...

Million Dollar Question:To whom did you give this ROSE???

Swaram said...

So beautiful! Wow, N73 does take nice pics :)

RamMmm said...

@RS-Thanks. :-D Both blooms were in my garden. The Thulasi bloom is just fleeting. You see it in the morning and in the afternoon, it fades. Both the pics were captured almost at the same time as they were beside each other. :-)

@Ramesh-You should not be pessimistic. :-( These pics were from my home garden (it really isn't a garden, it is a patch of soil for plants :-)) at Namma Bengaluru only.

@zeno-Question is not worth a price. :-) The rose was left on the plant itself till it withered. :-) Even if plucked, it may only have landed with any of the three females in my life. :-)

@Swaram-:-D Thanks. Indeed, the N73 has a good camera for a camera-phone.

Anonymous said...

million dollar kostina!!! blorela cost of living konjam jaasthi thaan..athukaga oru rose million dollargnarathu ..konjam overa therila?? :D :D


R-ambam said...

beautiful picture! tulsi blooms aa?
ithu theriyama thanni oothurein daily :o

RamMmm said...

@gils-:-) :-D

@R-ambam-Thanks. Yep, but these are not the very flowery ones though. Short purplish/blue flowers on Tulasi, but they fade out fast. :-)