Monday, October 19, 2009

Epilogue - Deepavali gone by

As one more Deepavali goes by,

  • Safety still is safely tucked away in lots of places.
  • Noise has become noisier.
  • The air quality reaches a quality vacuum.
  • Rain did not rain even once this time and the sun has tanned itself to tan.
  • And last, one of the last long weekends of this year lasted itself and it is time to be back to work. :-)
Adieu Deepavali 2009.

And thanks to all the folks for whom Deepavali was just yet another day in which their jobs still had to be done, the milk-vendor, the public transit-driver, the shop-keeper, the maid, the garbage collector, the fuel outlet, those who guard our borders and many more. Thanks a ton for having our holidays with family smoothly oiled and moving.

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