Friday, October 23, 2009

Shutter Chatter

Petal special

A glorious morning shot of one of the flowering plants under my care. :-)

Click on the photos to view in a larger size 

Color riot

The colors look at bit stained due to the lighting pattern in my balcony in the mornings, but that doesn't take anything off the beauty of the flowers.

A fresh lease of life

Just when we thought that the transplanted rose plant needs some time to acclimatize in a big pot, it responded back with a beautiful new clutch of leaves. Welcome home.

In a way, gardening is like parenting. Needs a lot of work, care, patience, time and money. When the results are there, there is no end to the joy that it brings you. (It also brings you hardship as well. :-))

All these photos have been taken with my Nokia N73's built-in camera. Never thought that the N73 could take such good close-ups. Landscapes look great with the N73 and its' 3 mega-pixel camera is more than sufficient for most of random shots that I take.


gils said...

nice snaps :) y dnt u upload them in flickr?

RamMmm said...

Yep Gils, Undecided whether to upload on Picasa Web Albums or Flickr. Shall do so sometime early.