Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Band's Visit

Was watching today, UTV World Movies, a TV channel on the cable network, showcasing award winning movies from around the world. Very similar to our good old DD of yore when it used to show all language movies on a Sunday afternoon.

The movie that was playing was "The Band's Visit", a 2007 Israeli-Arab movie about an orchestra band of eight people from Alexandria, Egypt who land into Israel to play at an Arab cultural academy, goes to a wrong, but similar sounding town in the middle of the desert due to a mis-understanding of one of the band members at the airport. When they realize that they have landed at the wrong place, the only bus that comes to that town has already left for the day. They are forced to stay overnight in the town. The movie shows the undercurrent of emotions that run amongst different people in the night that they spend in the town split amongst three different families as there is no hotel in town.

The movie is slow paced, with almost half the dialogues in English with a sprinkling of Jewish and Arabic in-between. (All the movies screened are anyway sub-titled) It is not dialogue heavy as well. Short bursts of talk, long silences and pauses, wonderful music, a longing loneliness and a slight humor define the movie, with some lovely acting by the key folks.

When you get a chance to watch it, do so. You'll not feel bad over it at all. This movie won a bunch of awards and I felt that the movie was worth it.


zeno said...

When will you watch vettaikaran? :)

RamMmm said...

@zeno - Where is your review? It is already 17 days since release. I don't think I'll ever watch Vettaikkaaran in a theater.

zeno said...

well watched it twice :)
once in touch (low quality) next laptop!(high quality)

have sent the link to you, enjoy!

sadly anushka looks older! :(

review in vikatan is good :)
reg my review,my new year resolution is to avoid wasting time :)

zeno said...
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RamMmm said...

அடப்பாவி, என்னை அந்த படத்தை பாக்காம இருக்க விட மாட்ட போல இருக்கு. :-)

Anushka அப்படி இருந்தா நான் என்ன பண்ண முடியும். :-( Who is next in your dream list?

zeno said...

This are all moments of inspiration! cant answer who may come who may go in dream list !

Uttara said...

Should check it out. i have all the time in my hands!

RamMmm said...

@Uttara- :-) It is either that you waste time or time wastes you. :-) I am not using the term waste in its most literal sense. Look at the time your comment is landing!!!

Besides, what I liked about this movie was that it wasn't preachy, no goals to achieve and just shows how the lives of people in nations who are antagonistic to each other intersect when they are face to face. A lot of the emotions are via pauses and silence, body language and a few, expressed.