Sunday, January 31, 2010

Idle thoughts

Idling around with nothing much to do at an alien place (ok, it is not really alien to me) and being alone leads to some slow mind-munching.

Thinking of Idli (idlee, idly, iddili, so many ways for a proper noun) with chutney and molagaai podi/chutney podi. That is my favorite, anyday, over anything. I can have idli for breakfast, lunch and dinner (with caveats though :-)). Doing some random cooking (thanks to MTR for saving me the nitty gritties with its ready to eat/mix and eat collection). I can get idli (what idli, everything Indian that you can think of) at restaurants here, but the chutneys are yuck (maybe the coconut's taste) but nothing comes close to the home made idlis by señora.

Skype rocks, and its video conference, whew!. The voice quality exceeds that of the landline and not to mention, it is free. Helps to stay grounded and connected.

Watching TV at random, with reruns of Seinfeld, Friends, Home Improvement, House M.D., some movies, news and weather channels, and not to mention ads and more ads than the mainline serials. Love [Home Improvement]. Reminds a lot of my home improvement and the wisecracks, hilarious.

Thinking of watching a sundown, tomorrow, on the Pacific, weather permitting.


Ramesh said...

Oh god; don't do this to idly starved folks like me, for whom to get one is not an option. Drool, Drool !

Skype is truly outstanding. As is Blogger !!

zeno said...

Home made idlis by senora!! Hmm idly gap la ice vachutinga :)

Ennoda favourite Serial podarangla :):)

zeno said...

BTW, was the title, idle thoughts or idly thoughts ;)

gils said...

iniki idlyo idly!! mudiala!!!

RamMmm said...

@Ramesh-What to do! I am an order of magnitude better. :-P (Suffered for a week in South Korea once :-(, survived on Maggi Noodles)

Tried SkypeOut sometime back and it was good as well.

@zeno-Señora's idlis are always a toast of the full family. No icing on the idli, but once it lands on my plate, an uncontrolled binge happens, at least 10. :-) A softer variant of the "mallippoo idli". I ask my Mom when I visit her, if her stone idlis are ready, in jest, for a comparison. :-)

Thought of that punned title with variations, but before I fully proof-read, hit the Publish button.

Your fav is there on TBS, figured out courtesy TV Guide). Have not seen it yet though. :-(

@gils-TGYI (Thank God You've Idli) anytime, almost :-D

zeno said...

Don't Worry be happy, wen i catch up with u shall give you the complete season :):)

chennai girl said...

P loves idli and dosai,me a dosa freak bt with right combination iam at the feet of idli.
Since i grew up in a joint family, idli was the staple food, bt literally begged for it after marriage...
My aathukarar actually would miss us a lot when he is on tour..

Sathish Mayil said...

I am starving for idly out here, had been a while since I had some good idlly.

Btwn, where are you now?

RamMmm said...

@chennai girl-At my home, each one has his/her own preferences. So, it is usually never a single tiffin. idli and dosai maavu is perpetually there :-)

@Sathish Mayil-Welcome. On a short visit to Sunnyvale. Ingey kedaikkaadha Indian foodsaey illai. I was pleasantly surprised that Cothas Coffee (filter coffee which I use in B'lore is there on shelves here) :-)

Swaram said...

Woww! Cothas coffee there .. awesome no?

I cn hv Idly all day long too :)

Hv a nice time RamMmm :)