Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Whom are we sending to our Parliament?
Rogues, thugs, uncivilians, indecent scoundrels and what not!

Looking at the ruckus caused in the Parliament by our gender-threatened politicians on the women's reservation bill, I can only feel sad at their antics. Isn't there a scope for decency in disagreement? I am no fan of reservation, having studied in Tamil Nadu where it has been carried to an extreme as a state sponsored casteism and discrimination. Definitely there needs to be a quota based on economic status, one for the repressed classes (time bound, say 20-30 years, for all the stomping that has been done on them in the name of caste by the so called upper castes). What is all that layering of casteism everywhere (scheduled caste, scheduled tribe, backward caste, other backward  caste (as if it was more backward) and more castes wanting to go backward rather than forward, and all this in the name of flattening the society of layers? We have made politicking an art of self-proclaimed morality out of caste and should never even talk about a discriminatory society in any other country.

There is definitely a  merit in getting a better representation for women in Parliament, but make that clause time bound (again, 20 years or 5 terms of elections). In the space of 4-5 full terms of a government, we can anyway see if the women's reservation is making any sense and if it yields any benefit.

There is an 'oath of secrecy' administered when our MPs enter Parliament. I have no clue what it is or what secrets the MPs uphold to keep, but I would also want those appointees to take an oath of decency. We stick to an already half-obsolete and murky  constitution and there can always be an amendment to it to recall MPs with indecent behavior and ban their candidature again. That could drill some sense into their bull-headed filthy behavior. It is time that some of the bigger parties work together for some decorum and bi-partisanship rather than bickering over protocol and on issues of non-importance.

Hmmm. Look at me ranting at noon. (As they say in Tamizh, uchchi veyyil mandaikku aerina maadhiri, the overhead hot sun playing with your brains)


Anonymous said...

alo..ipounga opicela 33% reservation for women sonna parunga..ethana gents atha aamothikaranga..ethana per mothikarangannu :D antha kezhadus at parliment pavam..pora kalathula sila pala kodis usar panlamnu ithana naala wait panni oru usira kaila pudichitay oru seata pudicha..ipo vanthu 1/3rd ladiesku sonna avanga ena panvanga..neria per "bachelor"s vera..wifeku seat thara mudiathu ( athulayum parunga..namma oor thatha usaaru..thalaiku onnu nu decide panalum moonu naalu seat theridum :) ) avanga pozhapula manna vaari poata kovapadarthu nyayamthana..


Anu said...

Yesterday's parliament session was such a sight, really. I earlier thought the unanimous walk-out during the Budget presentation was a bad move, but this one beats it. We have bigger things like decency and basic mannerisms at stake ; we can come to reservations later :)

zeno said...

வர வர பகல் கனவு ஜாஸ்தி ஆகிடுச்சு. எது எதுக்கோ எல்லாம் கவலை படறிங்க? :(

chennaigirl said...

IMO, the reservation as usual is going to be filled by the ladies in the house-hold of the so-called politicians. So, nothing much can be expected....

R-ambam said...

naama seriya vote panlaya? :O

RamMmm said...

@gils-Rajya Sabhala oru vazhiyaa billai pass pannittanga. :-) Look forward to the melee in the Lok Sabha. IT has a relatively higher number of female representation. :-) (Managementla aana kammi)

@Anu-True. Decency and decorum matters here.

@zeno- :-D Did you see the tamaash on TV. Doesn't look like the upper house of parliament at all.

@chennaigirl-Hopefully they are not as corrupt and self-serving as the male folks. konjum nanjam they will have some mentality for serving the people.

@R-ambam-irukkara kuppiyilayey konjum better aanavangalai select panna vaendi irukku. :-( No easy answers.