Thursday, March 04, 2010

Unworded - Contrasts

A distant moonset from a morning walk, a raging sunset from Richmond Road, Bengaluru
Montage-Picasa 3.0, Image downsize-Irfanview, Original images-Nokia N73


Swaram said...


A said...

awwww Bangalore .. how i miss u :( crowd or no crowd (sniff sniff)- ajcl

Ramesh said...

Even my wonderful net nanny was so awed by your pictures that she lifted her veil and let me see them.

Now, I could never have believed that Richmond Road can feature in a photograph and have the words wonderful within a mile of it !!

RS said...

Lovely pictures!! Loved picture-1 more!! I shall now recommend ur senora to gift you with a high resolution camera ;)

chennaigirl said...

Beautiful. nejammave bangalore ist? That too during sunset, richmond road, few cars, nambave mudiyala.

RamMmm said...


@AJCL-:-D It is still a nice city, but in pockets.

@Ramesh-Ha Ha Ha, that is good. Hope the net nanny stays the same for you. Richmond Road is still a mess in the evenings. :-)

@RS-Senora has warned me to buy only a DSLR. No point and shoots. I have been instructed to dump all my other cameras (which are anyway useless) before I embark on this noble quest. The more electronics I buy, there is something else I have to buy (without saying), which is an order of magnitude higher, to compensate. :-)

@chennaigirl-nejammavaey it is Bengaluru. It was around 6:10 PM when the shot was taken. Oh, the traffic seems less in the pic, but not really so. :-(