Sunday, November 08, 2009

First impression = best impression?

I am trying to ask myself this. Is the first impression, the best impression? It is "yes" with a probability of 99% according to me. For example, if I have a positive impression of a person on a first meeting, that holds for a long long time. If the person doesn't live up to expectations later, I always tend to forgive it and give them another chance. But if my first impression is negative, I tend to color most of the transactions with that person, though I wouldn't call it prejudiced (which is harsh and not what I do). It takes a really, really long time to get over that and the negative aspect somehow gets lodged strongly in my mind.

Ditto with songs. First time I hear a song, the tune has to be attractive for me to get hooked. I have a corner for soft melodies, though, so it is usually a black brush from me on noisy/dappanguthu songs unless the tune is damn catchy. There are people who swear by songs 'growing' on you as your hear them, but for me it isn't 99.9%. A likable song/tune grows on me, but not the one I didn't like on a first hearing. The first few lines, if catchy enough, cloud my judgement for the rest of the lines even if they are garbage and so it is for the tune. :-)

How about you?


Swaram said...

Some songs to leave a superb impression first time but then, few times I have liked them as time passed by, after they have fallen on my ears no. of times :)

RamMmm said...

:-) :-) If a song on a radio channel doesn't trigger a [plus] in my brain, I click to the next channel. Also, someone may say Aaha OhO for a song, but all that enthu is deflated if it doesn't gel well with you. The initial run-up to the song has to be catchy, the voice has to be right, otherwise it is a turn-off for me. A lot of times, I discover good songs by serendipity (random jumps on the radio). :-) (Eg. Anisuthidey from Mungaru Male was one. I was blown off, the first time I heard it, around two years back)