Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oru Deivam Thandha Poovae

I happened to hear the song, "Oru Deivam Thandha Poovae" from the Maniratnam movie "Kannaththil Muththamittaal" after a long time on my shuffled music tracks today, on the drive to work and what a song it is. Scores a perfect 10 in all categories. The tune rips your heart with an orchestration that crescendoes quickly from the time the song starts and stays there till its end, like the Lal Bagh Express thundering at 120 kmph. ARR never goes into a lullabic mode of lows and highs, but keeps the tempo high once he brings it up. It is a heavy song with a tinge of sorrow throughout. The lead singers, Chinmayee (in the female version) and Jayachandran (in the male version) pull the song to beautiful heights with a sustained pace. I get goose-flesh at the pitch at each of them renders with full justice to the mood of the song. And for the lyrics. Vairamuthu may have his own political leanings, but does a mind-blowing and creative piece of work in the second half of the song(s) where he juggles words, juxtaposing contradicting words to paint the same character. I have tried my level best to translate below. At the end of the song, I felt emotionally drained. The visuals for both the versions of the song captured in Sri Lanka are sweeping and beautiful.

[Female rendering]
You are my kin, you are my foe
You are the flower of love, you are the thorn in womb
You are the cherished rain, you are the small thunderclap
You are the new-born body, you are the life that is leaving
You are the Birth born from Death

[Male rendering]
You are my wealth, you are my famine
You are a woven epic, you are the error in it
You are a borrowed light, you are the tears at night
You are my wide sky, you are my broken wings
And the beloved sorrow that I nurtured.


Swaram said...

I loved the lyrics of the song .. off to listen to the song now :) Thanks for sharing :)

Its so nice to listen to soulful music while driving na :)

savitha said...

What a lyrics, And what an effort to translate that? I listenened this song twice, after reading your translation :)

RamMmm said...

@Swaram - True, sometimes my N73 shuffle throws up such a beautiful selection, that I feel like not getting down at home / work. :-) A long drive, beloved at your side, spell-binding music and a rain-washed winding road. Nothing is more wonderful than that. If you haven't read the premise of the movie, please do it (I have provided the link to the Wikipedia entry in the post). Makes the lyrics even more meaningful.

@Savitha - Thanks for the note and appreciation for the translation. :-) Maniratnam brings the conflict out beautifully with wonderful acting by all, but he had his own share of critics for this movie. :(

gils said...

gummu translation..kalakiputel pongo

RamMmm said...

nandri nandri. blogging periyavaal sollarael. :-)

Srivats said...

Lovely translation :) enakkum endha paatu romba pidikum :)

Srivats said...

Edheicha kekkum bodhu adaada endha paatu evlo nalla erukunnu thonum , apparam ahdheye record theyara varaikum ketruvom :)

now sri lanka hmm thats getting into my list

RamMmm said...

Adhu right thaan. Oru levelukku mela over-exposure aana, appuram 'indha pazhamum pulikkum' syndrome, but very useful to kindle memories later. I heard it after a long long time. Another song evokes very similar feelings is the 'VaanavillE VaanavillE' song from Gabdun's Ramanaa. The approach to and take off for that song is too good.

Neha said...

You are a woven epic, you are the error in it. Ah! Amazing! Love your translation. Thank you.

RamMmm said...

@Neha-Thanks and you are welcome. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi it seems you haven't translated this beautiful song completely it seems. Could you please as I tried matching with the lyrics line by line but found it difficult. I don't want to miss anything out of this master piece. Still, Kudos to your effort !!

RamMmm said...

:-) Hi Anonymous,

Yes, I haven't translated the entire song. I have translated only the key segments of both the versions, the mid portions which carry wonderful lyrics.

The first translation goes with "Enadhu sondham nee, enadhu pagayum nee"

The second translation goes with "Enadhu selvam nee, enadhu varumai nee"