Monday, November 30, 2009

I have DOMS

I have had an attack of DOMS.

No, no no. Don't go off into a thought cycle thinking what this thing is. A virus? A new technology extending the Document Object Model? Or some new less known ailment?

DOMS, though somewhat ominous sounding (is it because of the proximity to doom?) is not what it sounds to be. :-) :-)

Went to an office outing for all the folks (the diktat was those not coming to outing, should put personal leave or attend office. So at least half the folks came there to beat that) to a resort just outside town, last Friday. Was forced into all types of kinematics including running, bending, playing etc etc, hence sweated it out. Mr.DOMS came knocking at me on Saturday morning and stayed with me till Sunday night before bidding adieu.

DOMS is "Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness". Lazy-bones who don't walk or exercise regularly will be at the receiving end, when they try to do something new and so I was there by default. All bones creaked and muscles ached for 2 days. Now feeling good.

Maybe a warning knock for me to do at least some walking, if not jogging which I have forgotten.

Ah! The wonderful world of acronyms. Helps you make a post out of nothing. :-)


gils said...

same blud..just dont give up...the second day is the worst..but if u try it wl fav . quote " my vali leads to valimai" :D

RamMmm said...

quote nallaa irukkaey. :D will try first waking up early for the jog. one step at a time. ;-) ippo bengalurla morningla semayya kulira aarambichiruchu.

gils said...

one step at a timea?? veetulenthu velila varavay oru vaaram agumay...ithu jog ila bongu

Annam said...

gud u r alright

////one step at a time////////
unga muyarchikku vaazhthukkal:))

Annam said...

veetulenthu velila varavay oru vaaram agumay...ithu jog ila bongu
athey athey:)


Swaram said...

What quote is that Gils?
Glad u r feeling good nw!

LOL @ making a post out of nothing ;)

gils said...

/What quote is that Gils?//

swaram...vali in tamil is pain..valimai is strength..wat i meant was pain no gain proverb in my own way :D:D

RamMmm said...

@gils - oru vaaram aanalum seri, first step is to adjust to getting up early. naalailaendhu 4 naalaikku full meeting-o-meeting in office. Have to start from home early anyway. :-) idha saakka vechchu 'get up early'.

@Annam - Thanks for the vaazhthukkal, I shall update the blog with my progress after 2 weeks or so. indha muyarchi ellaam sirippo sirippu aagama irundhaa seri. paakalaam.

@Swaram - :-) What to do?

Srivats said...

Hope u are feeling alright now, naanum odamba asaikka dhaa try panren.. hmmm

RamMmm said...

I am perfectly alright now Srivats. Oru 2 naal, pain all over. Used to jog 4 kms daily after being inspired by a CEO of the sister company of my previous company. One day of laziness, just a day and it all crumbled. :-(

Uttara said...

Nothing like early morning waking, running and have lot of time to contemplate on day with infinite possibilities.

R-ambam said...

I cant believe this .... I read your title more than twice .. each time i get reminded of a "beep " word :o

RamMmm said...

@Uttara - Fine, except getting up early these cold, dark days. :-) For me, nothing beats being awake with a cozy blanket pulled over, head to toe and slipping to and from fantasy-land. Day-dreaming is anyway there.

@R-ambam - Deliberate spacing in "beep "? If so, I think I got it. :-) :-)