Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Eatopia - Maiya's

Pedigree does show, especially with Maiya's. This is a vegetarian restaurant in 4th block of Jayanagar, Bengaluru, opposite to the police station and has a nice foodie aspect to it. This restaurant is from the MTR family and I have been here a few times for lunch/dinner and their Bisi-Bélé Bhath and Rava Idlis are stand-outs. They come with a very small cup of ghee (The metal cup is only as large as a small cap on your thumb, so chūntaani, to say). Spread over 4 floors, with the ground floor being a sweets and savouries section, the first for South Indian meals/tiffin and the floors above for special cuisine (Gujarati / North Indian)

South Indian meals are heavy there, and I am already tired of it. Starts with an appetizer (usually a juice or some digestive) in a silver tumbler (Señora disagrees that they are indeed silver), then comes a soup, vegetable curries, poori-saagu, bisi-bélé bhath, vadaam/sandigé, appalam, rice, dhal, sambar, kozhambu, rasam and curd, payasam/sweet and fruit-salad with ice-cream that reminds me of Crocin syrup with its taste and smell. The meal is Rs 110. The plates remind me of the cafeteria of my previous company. :) :)

Have not gone to the North Indian or Gujarati restaurants as of now; probably may not.

The restaurant is clean and large, the ambience decent. The only hiccup is that it is always crowded. You have to wait outside (cramped seating area) before being seated. The entrance to the dining floors is like a shanty fair and the passage is narrow.

Whenever you are in the Jayanagar 4th block area and feel like having a decent meal/evening snacks, drop by at Maiya's. It is worth an eat there. I was surprised that on my last visit, the person who took my order took it on an iPod Touch. Aha!


RS said...

Juice in a not so silver tumbler (whatever Senora says has to be correct, right?) and taking order on an ipod touch???

If they serve yummu bisibele bhath. then never mind the crocin syrup in fruit salad...The list of servings in the S. Indian meal left me drooling early in the morning... aaha.....

Ramesh said...

OMG. Order on a ipod touch in a MTR outfit ?? - what is the world coming to. The "meals" looks somewhat sparse by RamMmm standards - surely you aren't tired of it. Maybe it was the tumblerful of ghee that did it !!

One slight problem for visiting this place. Where is Jayanagar ?? In which city :):)

RamMmm said...

@RS-:-D :-D Silver or not, I'd rather fight not.

That S.Indian meal definitely is an overload on the digestive system. Cannot eat it fully. Once in a while is okay.

@Ramesh-Sparse, Ha ha Ha. I am reminded of the Ghatodhkacha movie of yore where the song comes as 'kalyaana samayal saadham, kaai karigalum pramaadham', starring S V Ranga Rao (I think) on the amount of food they serve. I cannot stomach it fully. :-)

Tumbler of ghee!!! gulp. Didn't I mention the chuntaani part? :-D :-D

I think you must be made to come out of Whitefield where your office is (assuming you are in the HQ) and Maarathahalli (guessing your residence to be around there) to further west by south-west to the original Bangalore. :-) :-) Enna kaelvi kaettutteenga!!!

Swaram said...

*Sniff* *Wail* Why do u do this to me RamMmm :( Make me miss Blr all the more I mean :(
We have had the Gujju one too, and it is good. But nothing to beat our Bisi bele bath and Appalams *Slurp*

Ramesh said...

Ha Ha. It doesn't take much to rile a South Bangalorean. As indeed a Malleswaram resident (AJCL - are you reading ?)

zeno said...

If there is a temptation or regret for me not being in Bangalore, comes, it comes only when i read your foodie posts! :(

Anonymous said...

Optimal use of technology i say.

RamMmm said...

@Swaram-:-) :-) Should I not? To needle you, I've to post more foodie Bangalore. ;-P

@Ramesh-The old Bangaloreans bristle at the slights from the new Bangaloreans. :-) :-) :-)

@zeno-Bangalore vandhudunga? :-P

@AA-Yep, yep. Looks cool as well. I'll next look out for an iPad somewhere. :-)