Friday, May 06, 2011

Unworded - Gubbachchi

Bangalore's Paradise lost - As happy as a lark - Rare visitor at home - Wake up to chirps


Swaram said...

I luvvvv gubbachhis :)

Ramesh said...

Perhaps this video might be a fitting accompaniment to your lovely photo.

gils said...

kuppachi na kuruviya?

G3 said...

//kuppachi na kuruviya?//

repeatae :)

Veetukku vandha virundhaaliya enga veliyavae utkaara vechiteenga?? :P

zeno said...

I Shld have asked you to bring your Cam and get a snap of me for future uses ;)

RS said...

Nice picture!!

//Veetukku vandha virundhaaliya enga veliyavae utkaara vechiteenga?? :P //


RamMmm said...

@Swaram-:-) They are so active, running here, running there. :-)

@Ramesh-Lovely music sir. Hauntingly beautiful.

@gils-Yappaa, kuppachi illa, Gubbachchi, Gu, Gu as in Gummu. :-)

Aamaam, you are correct, Gubbachinna kuruvi. Bangalorela in the late nineties and early 2000s, thideernu most of the kuruvis went missing. :(

@G3-Enga veettu kadhavu/jannal eppavum thirandhu thaan irukkum. Thinking of getting a nesting place for them in the balcony. They come at random however. :-)

@zeno-Adhukkena, next time Chennai varrappo, I'll get my camera to click you specially. padam pidichchuruvom.

@RS-Thanks., Why why-o-why? avunga kuruviyapaththi sonnaanga. enna adhu veetukulla vandhaa, veliya pogaraththukku adhukku konjam confusion aayidum. :-)

Srivats said...

we tried keeping some food, it is really a rare visitor, shame on the city!

chennaigirl said...

We have regulars - mynah, gubbachis, pigeons and once a parakeet. the advantage of living in one of the scarce greenery of the city, i suppose. We do call them gubbachis....:)(P is not aware of the language though)

RamMmm said...

@Srivats-:( True. I am in the suburbs. It is still rare, but I feel so happy on seeing them.

@chennaigirl-Aaha, Chennaila oru greeneryaa. :-) :-) It is lovely to see the sparrows hop and jump around (illaadhappo thaan adhoda arumai theriyum). In Kannada also, it is gubbachchi. Languages do get lost as generations pass. En payyanukku Tamizh ara korayaa thaan varudhu. Kannadamum avvlo thaan. :)