Thursday, May 19, 2011


People are dumb (Disclaimer: I don't claim to be an intellectual of any kind.). How else can you explain this? Was having blogger posting problems and was looking if it was reported by others and came across the following.

A box at the top says some status information about maintenance, which people generally don't read and which is excusable.

But how on earth can one find a cryptic answer like "bX-d7hq04" be helpful to anyone and which is actually an error code thrown by the Webpage to be shared in the forums to see if someone has a similar issue and potentially a solution. Maybe people thought it was similar to the 'Like' button of FaceBook / Google Reader and then clicked on it.

Speak about 'click conditioning'! Hmmph!


gils said...

ipdi aniayayathuku aapeecera irukeengalaay :)

G3 said...

:))))))))))))))))) Ippaer patta nallavangalaala dhaan naatla mazha peyudhu pola :P

Ramesh said...

Clickomania is alive and kicking

Swaram said...

Oh come on RamMmm! That is so very helpful :P :P

Anonymous said...

Truly clickomania as worded by thalaivar is absolutely right,in facebook people even started clicking like for condolences in pazhakka dosham.

RamMmm said...

@Ramesh-:-D :-D

@Swaram-ya ya ya. :-) :-) Only if you love the sound of clicks.

@AA-:-( Ada pannaadaingalannu thitta thaan thohnudhu

@gils for the following comment (got removed because of Google Blogger problem)
// ipdi aniayayathuku aapeecera irukeengalaay :)

appracentiyaa irukkaenga. :-P