Thursday, May 26, 2011

Aasai Mugam Marandhu Pochchae - ஆசை முகம் மறந்து போச்சே

And here comes another translation after a long lull from 'Kannan Paattu' from Bharathi.

The inspiration for this translation was a brilliant amalgam of fact and fiction on Bharathi by Suchi in the post "The forgotten face of the beloved" with a poignant background that Bharathi may have based this poem in despair on being not able to find a picture of his mother who had long passed on.

There is a pointer to a rendition of this poem at the aforementioned link by Sikkil Gurucharan.

கண்ணன் பாட்டு - பாரதியார்
கண்ணன்-என் காதலன்


ஆசை முகமறந்து போச்சே-இதை
ஆரிடம் சொல்வேனடி தோழி?
நேச மறக்கவில்லை நெஞ்சம்-எனில்
நினைவு முகமறக்க லாமோ?

கண்ணில் தெரியுதொரு தோற்றம்-அதில்
கண்ண னழகுமுழு தில்லை;
நண்ணு முகவடிவு காணில்-அந்த
நல்ல மலர்ச்சிரிப்பைக் காணோம்

ஓய்வு மொழிதலுமில்லாமல்-அவன்
உறவை நினைத்திருக்கும் உள்ளம்
வாயு முரைப்பதுண்டு கண்டாய்-அந்த
மாயன் புகழினையெய் போதும்.

கண்ணன் புரிந்துவிட்ட பாவம்-உயிர்க்
கண்ண னுருமறக்க லாச்சு;
பெண்க ளினத்திலிது போல-ஒரு
பேதையை முன்புகண்ட துண்டோ?

தேனை மறந்திருக்கும் வண்டும்-ஒளிச்
சிறப்பை மறந்துவிட்ட பூவும்
வானை மறந்திருக்கும் பயிரும்-இந்த
வைய முழுதுமில்லை தோழி!

கண்ணன் முகமறந்து போனால்-இந்தக்
கண்க ளிருந்துபய னுண்டோ?
வண்ணப் படமுமில்லை கண்டாய்-இனி
வாழும் வழியென்னடி தோழி?

And with the usual disclaimer that the translation may not hold a candle to the original, but here is the translation.

Separation Angst

Thy face beloved, envisions not my mind,
Lament this, dearest, to whom should I?
The heart forgets not the love, yet
Recalls not your visage and why?

The eyes behold a form, where
The beauty of Kanna effuses not
Looking hard at the face close
To find the blossom smile naught

Without a respite, expressed
Remembers the heart, of the connect
And see the lips utter ever
Praises of the charmer, direct

Sins of yours Kanna, hath
Made me forget thy lively form
Womanhood, virtuous they are
Seen ye, with their impeccant charm?

Nectar drunk not by bees,
Blooms that know not of glorious light,
Crops that look not to the sky,
Exist not in this world, dear!

The face of Kanna having faded out,
 Do they have a use of - these eyes?
Have not a portrait to behold,
To live on, dear, how do I?


Venkat said...

Bliss to know that u r Bharathiyar fan. mee too.. great work. have to read all ur mahakavi posts.

நல்லதோர் வீணை செய்திருகிரீகள்,
இதை நலமுடன் தொடர்ந்து நூலாய் வெளியிடலாம்.

gils said...

bharathiyar paata shakespear rangeku ezhuthirukeenga :) nalla iruku..aana inum simpler englishla try panlaamay..bharathiyar paatukaloda specialitye athoda simplicity thaan..

RS said...

I wonder how long you take for these translations!!!Awed by your efforts and enthusiasm with which you do....

Of all your translations, I liked the translation to 'nallaothor veenai..' the best :)

I read the fiction that you have linked. Just awesome....Feels like a true incident!

Swaram said...

U just do this so beautifully RamMmm!
Thanks to u, am able to read some of this work too!

Suchi said...

Very nice :) Orey the rhyming effect, actually feels like a poem! Thanks for the link!

Ramesh said...

A post which is a collector's item. Both for the lovely translation of a poem and the brilliant story that you linked. Thanks for a great post.

RamMmm said...

@Venkat-:-) Thanks. You can click on the tag 'Translations' and see all the translations in one page. :-)
Publishing is a long way away.

@gils-:-D Thanks. Cha cha. Shakespeare ellaam periya pullii.

Will try to simplify it at some point later. :-)

@RS-:-D Thanks. I don't measure the time I spend on it. Sometimes it takes quite an effort. Sometimes it is less.

That piece of fiction by Suchi did touch a chord.

:) :) at nalladhor veenai.

@Swaram-Thanks a lot. :-)

@Suchi-:) Thanks and your story did inspire the post heavily. :-)

@Ramesh-:-) Thanks for the kudos and the credit does go to Suchi for a fair extent.

babu said...

Very nice translation Ram. Could you check the beginning of the fourth stanza "Sin of yours Kanna" should it be "Sins of mine Kanna hath made me forget.....
Thank you. Disclaimer :I am no poet.
j m kalyan