Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Midsummer Morning's Dream

The pictures speak for themselves for contrast. Last Wednesday (25-May-11), woke up in the morning to see a blanket fog that had engulfed the whole place.

Couldn't believe it was mid-summer and I am seeing fog with a mild drizzle with a wind-chill making you feel as if you are at some hill station in winter.   :-)

Bangalore does have its Wow! surprises ...

Granted that I live at the fringes of Bengaluru to savour these for whatever time it lasts.

With due apologies to William Shakespeare for punning his title


gils said...

:( inga veyill koluthuthu ..unga oorla foga... :(

Swaram said...

There u go, again!
I miss Namma Bengaluru :(

Ramesh said...

Which Bangalore is this ?? Must be the one in Spain . Or is there one in Latam ?? Is that why this blogger prefers Spanish ??

RamMmm said...

@gils-:-D adhu oru naal thaanpa. Generally the weather is milder.

@Swaram-Maybe you haven't paid a Bangalore visit for a long time. Time for one? :-)

@Ramesh-Those who live in new Bangalore do not know the charms offered by the old Bangalore. :-D :-D Ha Ha It is not in Iberia nor in LatAm. Still our old Bangalore only. :-)